dimanche 8 mars 2009

"BODIES OF GRACE" Press Presentation

"BODIES OF GRACE" is based on our desire to give body to poetry as well as to open sculpture to poetic transfiguration and, furthermore, to position those two "bodies" into (outdoor or indoor) space and let them interact freely among themselves and with the visitors.

When in spring 2008 poet
Haris Metaxa and sculptor Karine Jollet met and discovered each others work, they realised that presenting their work together could add a new dimension to it. They wanted to test their intuition, install the new poetry- sculptures into space.
The sculpture gives a physical dimension to the poetic texts that were created for this particular project but the two creations remain distinct.
Together, but separate.
Together, but not fused.
Together, but double and different.

This is how the poetry-sculpture exhibition project that we call
"Bodies of grace / Corps de grace / Corpi di grazia / Somata erotos" was born.
The title is in 4 languages as Haris Metaxa writes in
English, Italian, French and Greek, an homage to those four countries where she lived and studied and we choose to speak about "grace" and "graceful bodies" as our installation aims to celebrate life instead of concentrating on some of the many negative aspects of reality as we know it.
Furthermore, we both consider the physical body to be the essential metaphysical bridge to plenitude and enlightenment as well as the necessary medium to joy and pleasure.

Gardener Philippe Carraud likes to present Art in his little Parisian garden and he was happy that our artwork worked well with his garden when the idea was presented to him and tested.
Marc Chatelard took the pictures of the sculptures in Philippe's garden at night as the opening will be in a summer evening.
The other pictures are taken by Karine Jollet.

Exhibition opening and metaphysical openings.
Poetry to sculpture to space to visitors.

Art invades space.
Internal and External.
Intersection in a garden installation.
For two nights in June 2009, the 11th and the 13th.


©Haris Metaxa, 8/3/09

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